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Enterprise Mobile App Development

To help you develop new applications and make full usage of the latest mobile technologies you need a partner with mobile experience and skills.

Enterprise Mobility Solution Development

Custom Development

We specialize in Mobile Solutions development with experience developing solutions for all Industries.

Our team of experts specialize in mobile application development and have over 10 years of Mobile experience developing mobility solutions for enterprise. We gave more high profile customers in mobile space than any other mobile framework.

We offer the following Mobility Solutions

Enterprise App store distribution

Your corporate apps are the entrance to your company world and your customers should know you through your mobile apps. If your apps are buggy, slow and non-responsive, then that is how your customers perceive your company service and product.

MAM and MDM solutions on top of iBuildApp framework

After developing hundreds of mobile apps for our enterprise customers, we created a platform to help our customers build, publish and manage their mobile apps.

iPhone Corporate

Our development team capabilities help IT manage the entire application life cycle from making the applications available in the enterprise app storefront, securing applications on the device.

Android Enterprise

The iBuildApp app development platform is widely acknowledged as the world’s leading way to create, manage and publish enterprise mobile apps.

iPhone and Android development for Industries

iBuildApp team has strong expertise
in developing iPhone and Android applications:

Mobile Solutions development for the entertainment industry
Enterprise Solutions development for social networking
Corporate Mobile development for employee productivity management

iBuildApp team has corporate app development expertise

  • GPS geo fences
  • Push notification and promotions
  • Corporate mobility solutions
  • Enterprise App store development
  • BYOD and MAM (Mobile Application Management)
  • Audio & Video Streaming

Corporate Mobile Solutions

  • MAM and MDM
  • Enterprise App Store development
  • Content Security
  • LBS (Location Based Services)
  • BYOD (bring your own device)
  • GPS positioning/location
  • Your server integration
  • Forms, Reports and Web Services

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